Rhythm Section 24H Hubsets

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The driver features a Micro-Drive system that has 120 points of engagement which engage every 10 degrees.   The 4 included cog spacers allow you to position the cog where it provides the best chain alignment.  Hub set comes with a 16t Crupi Cog but is designed to work with any Shimano compatible cog and any Shimano type tool will remove the cog. 

Wheel Build Specs:
Flange Diameter for all Front hubs: 45mm
Flange Diameter for all Rear Drive Side hubs: 51.5mm
Flange Diameter for all Rear Non-Drive Side hubs: 58mm
Center to Flange for all Front hubs: 34mm
Center to Flange for all Rear hubs: 27mm


  • 24H hubset weighs 17.88oz (and is now discontinued)